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  • Junior members may borrow up to 10 volumes in term and up to 20 volumes in vacations.
  • During term time there is a loan period of 2 weeks for undergraduates (although items may be renewed 4 times). For postgraduates the term time loan period is from the date of borrowing until the last Wednesday of term. The fine for late return of term and vacation loans is 20p per volume per day.
  • Loans may be recalled after one week when requested by other readers. Borrowers should watch their mail and email for recall notices. Recalled items must be returned by the date specified in the recall notice. The fine for late return of recalled items is £1.50 per item per day.
  • All term time loans must be returned by the final Wednesday of term unless special extensions have been granted beforehand. All vacation loans must be returned by the first Wednesday of term. Responsibility for the return of  books borrowed, and any fines incurred,rests with the original borrower.
  • Persistent disregard of reminders or requests from the Library on any matter may incur further penalties, up to exclusion from the Library.
  • All periodicals, bound or unbound, most reference books, books printed earlier than 1900, and certain other volumes are confined to the Library. The unauthorized removal of any such volume will be regarded as a serious offence.
  • Marking or damaging a book in any way may result in large fines and replacement costs.
  • Silence must be maintained as far as possible: in particular mobile phones must be switched off and may not be used within the Library.
  • Books printed before 1950 may not be photocopied without prior permission from staff at the Desk.
  • Bottles of ink may not be brought into the Library. Pens may be filled from inkbottles kept at the Desk.
  • Junior members who wish to work in the Old Library or need access to journals shelved there may sign for a key at the Desk.
  • Members may bring visitors in to show them the Laudian Library and the eastern end of the Old Library. All visitors must be registered at the Desk. Visits of more than 5 people must be by prior written agreement and should, during term, be kept as brief and quiet as possible. Visitors are not allowed to work in the Library without permission from the Librarian.
  • Briefcases and bags, including computer bags, may not be taken into the Library. Shelves are provided for these in the Lobby. Items considered valuable may be left at the Desk.
  • Readers may not reserve a working space. Up to six books, but no personal belongings, may be left with a completed slip on a designated trolley. Any personal items left on tables will be removed to the lobby
  • Readers are required to abide by the University's rules on computer use.
  • The consumption of food and drink in the Library is forbidden. Food packets and drink containers should be left in the Lobby. This includes sweets and gum and bottled water.
  • Smoking in the Library is strictly forbidden.


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