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The Balzan Project

As the winner of the 2009 Balzan Foundation Prize for “Literature since 1500”, Terence Cave was the recipient of generous funding to finance a project in his own areas of academic interest. The project he proposed, ”Literature as an Object of Knowledge”, ran from October 2010 to September 2013 at the Research Centre; St John’s contributed substantial additional funding.

The project was designed to encourage reflection on the value of literature as an object of knowledge and advanced study, and thence as a vehicle and instrument of thought. More specifically, it undertook a mapping and evaluation of possible cognitive approaches to literature.

When the project ended on 30 September 2013, there were still funds remaining. The money is being used to fund the start-up phase of continuation projects which will carry the work forward into the future. Grants are being offered to a number of project participants to organise exploratory workshops with this aim in mind. Two of these ventures (one in Turku, Finland, one in Edinburgh, UK) have already led to further funding. In the autumn of 2014, workshops supported by Balzan funding were held in Oslo and in Cambridge (see Balzan Project Events). While money from Balzan funds continues to be used, such activities will be known as “Balzan continuation projects/workshops”.

Download the full Project Overview.

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