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St John's Research Centre

...advancing knowledge through inter-disciplinary research and dialogue. 

The Research Centre was established in 2001: 

to provide focus and support for the College's intellectual and academic life as it already exists and to support new research, particularly of an interdisciplinary nature which might otherwise be unfunded, and to enhance the College's role in promoting first-class innovative research in the University of Oxford and the academic community at large.

The Research Centre programme includes projects, workshops, seminars and lectures, and a prestigious annual lecture series, as well as offering opportunities for visiting scholars to spend time in the Centre. In the last five years, the programme has included work on Arabic poetry, European law, plasma-astrophysics, European forests, Formal Darwinism, Urban youth, and Legalism, Anthropology and History, among other issues. Current projects funded by the Centre include research on reading, Publishers and writes in Shakespeare's England and Eddic poetry. The Balzan project, jointly funded by the Balzan Foundation and by the College, is also part of the Research Centre.

The Centre is housed opposite the main College at 45 St Giles. The current director is Professor Linda McDowell.

Annual Lecture

The Centre hosts an annual lecture. The 2013 lecture was given by Professor Athene Donald on “Being creative about the physics of our everyday world”.

The 2014 lecture will be given by Professor Hermione Lee on 23 October on the subject of biography.


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