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Miss Stephanie Simmons

Miss Stephanie Simmons

Junior Research Fellow in Materials Science

Email: Miss Stephanie Simmons

Teaching Interests

I am interested in quantum information and its implementation in condensed matter systems. I teach Condensed Matter Physics for third year undergraduates.

Research Interests

The highly parallel nature of the fundamental principles of quantum mechanics means that certain key resource-intensive tasks - including searching, code decryption and medical, chemical and material simulations - can be computed polynomially or even exponentially faster with a quantum computer. My research is dedicated to the development of spin-based quantum computers, where the quantum information can be stored within the spin degree of freedom of individual electrons and nuclei.

Contact details

St John's College
St. Giles, Oxford OX1 3JP
Work Tel: 01865 277300
Fax: 01865 277435
University of Oxford