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Dr James Anderson

Dr James Anderson

Junior Research Fellow in Engineering Science

Email: Dr James Anderson

Teaching Interests

I have taught various subjects within the Engineering Science curriculum including mathematics and information engineering. I have also co-supervised fourth year undergraduate research projects in the general area of control theory.

Research Interests

My research deals with the analysis and design of large-scale networked systems. Using techniques from robust control theory, dynamical systems, graph theory and convex optimisation I am interested in developing mathematical and algorithmic techniques capable of taking into account the underlying nonlinearities and uncertainty that real world systems exhibit.

The goal of this research is to design feedback control laws that can optimise the performance of a network of interacting systems subject to noise from the environment. Such methods must provide guaranteed robust stability certificates and at the same time be computationally efficient to derive. Application areas of interest include power system networks, technological networks and synthetic biology.

For an up to date description of what I’m working on and a full publication listing please see my personal website (in Weblinks on the right).

Other Information

I completed my D.Phil in Engineering Science at Oxford in 2012. My research focussed on developing scalable methods for stability analysis and model invalidation of dynamical systems. Prior to this I obtained a B.Sc and M.Sc in engineering from the University of Reading. 

Contact details

St John's College
St. Giles, Oxford OX1 3JP
Work Tel: 01865 277300
Fax: 01865 277435
University of Oxford