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Graduate Funding

Download Sources of funding for 2015/16.

Major funding

Partnership Graduate Scholarships

As from the academic year commencing October 2012, St John’s College has entered partnership arrangements with the University’s Clarendon Awards scheme and with relevant University Divisions for ‘Research Council UK’ awards (“RCUK awards”). Under these arrangements, the College has agreed to award up to 16 partnership graduate scholarships to be held by students at the College embarking on new graduate courses at the University commencing in the academic year 2012/13. The various general college graduate scholarships (College Graduate Scholarships, Lamb and Flag Scholarships, 450th Anniversary Fund Scholarships and Kendrew Scholarships) are therefore awarded in partnership with these other awards.

The College intends to continue to offer up to 16 partnership graduate scholarships for the students on new graduate courses for entry in the academic year 2015/2016. The College restricts its partnership awards to students applying for a course leading to a doctorate. These arrangements apply to all applicants whether or not they are currently members of St John’s College. There is no separate College process of application. Instead, the following arrangements apply:

  • Partnership Clarendon Awards: under the arrangements put in place by the University, all applicants for graduate courses at the University will be considered for a Clarendon Award, including the Clarendon Partnership awards (although they can opt out of the latter), as long as they apply by the January deadline date for their course. Full information as to these awards is available on the Clarendon Fund website.
  • Students applying to the University who apply for a RCUK graduate award may also be considered for a St. John’s/RCUK partnership award. A person considering applying for a RCUK award should contact the University Department or Faculty responsible for their new course for information as to eligibility and how and when to apply.
Kendrew/Clarendon Scholarships

The Kendrew Funds were bequeathed to St John's College by Sir John Kendrew, a distinguished scientist and Nobel-prize winner, and former President of St John's College. In keeping with the spirit of Sir John Kendrew's international and humanitarian concerns, the funds are offered to a worldwide field of applicants from economically less developed countries, more specifically, to students who are from countries whose Gross National Product (GNP) falls outside the highest 25% of countries in the world. There is no restriction as to subject.

The Kendrew Scholarships are awarded in partnership with the Oxford Clarendon awards, as explained on the Scholarships and Financial Support page of this website.

Elizabeth Fallaize Scholarship in French

This Scholarship was founded by the College 2010 through the generosity of the late fellow of the College, Professor Elizabeth Fallaize, and of one of her former graduate students, who together contributed to the establishment of an Endowment Fund of the College. The Scholarship is awarded for study towards a D. Phil in French. The Scholarship covers the University and College fees of its holder and provides maintenance. There is to be only one holder of the Scholarship at any one time; the College elected a new Elizabeth Fallaize Scholar for the academic year starting October 2013, so this scholarship will not be awarded in 2015/16.

Dr. Yungtai Hsu Scholarship

This scholarship was founded in 2003 and is supported by the generous provision of funds by Dr Yungtai Hsu, an alumnus of the College. The Scholarship provides £15,000 towards fees and maintenance, either for  one full award or more than one partial awards to students who have been accepted on the MSc in Environmental Change & Management who is committed to the environmental protection and development of China or Taiwan, who will work in this field upon completion of their course and who is willing to become a graduate student of the College. There is no separate application form for these awards.

North Senior & Beeston Scholarships

The College proposes to elect from October 2016 two North Senior Scholars from among its current graduate students. Applicants must be currently registered for a research degree. The Scholarships are open to candidates in all subjects. A successful candidate in the field of Middle Eastern Studies would be awarded the title Beeston Scholar. The basis for the award will be excellence in research.

Scholars will have the right to dine at High Table once a week in Full Term, and will receive an emolument of £500 per year.

The Scholarships are tenable during the period of fee-paying study up to a maximum of two years.

Application forms are available from the Graduate Officer (Caroline Lordan) or downloaded from the St John’s College Website.

If you would like a copy posted to you or left in your pigeon hole, please email

Applications should be returned as soon as possible, and by no later than Friday 18th March 2016.

 The Daniel Slifkin Scholarship for Study for the BCL or the MJur

The scholarship is available to a student embarking on the BCL or MJur at St. John’s College and is open to a law graduate of any University. It will cover full University fees (at either the Home/EU or Overseas student rate as applicable), College fees and maintenance of the Scholar. For more information, please download the Daniel Slifkin Scholarship PDF.

Access to Learning Fund (includes PGCE & 2BM)

Financial assistance is available for those classified as "home" students, who face difficulty in meeting their living costs. It cannot be used to help meet tuition fees. Students will be assumed to be in receipt of their maximum student loan entitlement. Download the Access to Learning Fund application form and guidance notes or collect a form from the Finance Bursar's Secretary, Lynne Rudman (Bursary, Room 26). You can also email email


Smaller Grants:

Hardship Grants (University)

These grants are for students who experience financial hardship as a result of unforeseen circumstances. Download the University Hardship Fund Application and Guideline notes.

Hardship Grants (College)

These grants are for financial hardship as a result of unforeseen circumstances. Download a College Hardship Grant Form to be submitted to the Senior Dean at any time. Students who are concerned about financial hardship may wish to discuss their circumstances with the Senior Dean before submitting a form.

Special Grants

For help towards travel and subsistence for purposes of an academic nature, not necessarily of direct relevance to the student's course. Completed copies of the 2015 Graduate Special Grant Form must be submitted to the College Office by noon on Friday of Week 5 in Michaelmas Term and Fridays of Weeks 0 and 5 in Hilary and Trinity Terms. Please note that retrospective applications are not accepted.

Academic Grants

Graduate students of the College are entitled to apply for help towards the purchase of approved books, materials, and other items of an academic nature. The grant may be used towards the purchase of portable or hand-held computing devices, monitors, desktop computers, computer software or memory/hard-disk up-grades, and peripherals. Other items will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The College will not reimburse the costs of phone or data services or maintenance contracts for items purchased.

It would be prudent, wherever possible, to consult your Supervisor or College Advisor in advance to determine whether a projected purchase is needed for your academic work. Completed copies of the Academic Grant Info Form must be received in room 23 of the Bursary during 8th week of term. Grants are credited on the subsequent term's battels.

Blues Squad Grants

The College pays grants of up to £250 per year to cover the costs incurred by students through membership of university representative team squads. Claims are made on a Blues Squad form which after completion should be accompanied by receipts, countersigned by an official of the relevant university sports club, and submitted to the Sports Officer.

Thesis Binding

The College will pay towards the costs of binding two copies of a D.Phil Thesis. One of the copies must be for submission to the Bodleian Library. Up to £30.00 maximum per copy may be claimed back from the College (£60 in total).

Download a Thesis Binding Claim Form which must be submitted, together with receipts, to the College's Accounts Office. All claims must be made within 3 months of being granted leave to supplicate for your D.Phil.

Mapleton-Bree Prize for work in the Creative Arts

The College will offer a prize of up to £300, which may be shared if deemed appropriate by the judges, for original work in any branch of creative art (drawing, painting, sculpture, poetry, music, photography, etc.).  If there is no entry of adequate standard there will be no award.

All junior members, whether graduates or undergraduates, may compete and the entries will be judged by a Committee consisting of both junior members and senior members of the College. Competitors should send in one example of work done during the previous twelve months. Entries are considered in Trinity Term each year and should be sent to the President's Secretary not later than the end of the third week of Trinity Term.

Alister Sutherland Award

This award is for a journey in the high mountains. Applications are invited for this award which has been instituted as a result of a generous gift from Dr Gillian Sutherland in memory of Alister Sutherland, distinguished economist, who read Politics, Philosophy and Economics at St John's. The award, up to £350, will be made annually to an undergraduate or graduate member of St John's who presents the most imaginative and best planned proposal for a journey in the high mountains, preferably (but not necessarily) in mountainous regions where the summits exceed 3000 metres in height. The purpose is to encourage the discovery and the enjoyment of the high mountains.

Applications are considered in Hilary Term each year and should be sent to the President's Secretary not later than the end of the third week of Hilary Term.

Hans Michael Caspari UN Travel Grant

This grant is for studies in the field of International Relations. It was established through the generous gift of the late Professor Sir Fritz Caspari and his wife, in memory of their eldest son Hans Michael, who like his father and brother, attended St John's. The award, of up to £700, will be made annually to an undergraduate or graduate member of St John's to assist them to travel to Bonn, New York, Geneva, Vienna or one of the other seats of the UN or more generally to the seats of other international organizations, in order to further their study of International Relations.

Applications, in the form of a letter of no more than two pages with a separate CV and marks if available, should be sent to the College Office by Friday of 1st Week of Hilary Term and will be awarded in time for travel during the Easter or Long Vacations.

Burke Knapp Travel Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is for students in pursuit of development issues in the Third World/Emerging Economies. Applications are invited for this travel fund, which has been established through the generous gift of the late Mr Joseph Burke Knapp, Honorary Fellow of St John's College. The award, of up to £700, will be made annually to an undergraduate or graduate member of St John's to cover travel and related expenses in pursuit of development issues in the Third World/Emerging Economies. Applications should be made to the College Office by Friday of 1st Week of Hilary Term and will be awarded in time for travel during the Easter or Long Vacations.

Sir Royston Goode Prize for BCL or MJur 

The Sir Royston Goode Prize for the BCL or MJur is awarded owing to the generosity of C.B.E., Q.C., M.A., (L.L.B., L.L.D., Lond.), F.B.A., formerly Norton Rose Professor of English Law, and Emeritus Fellow of the College. A sum of £1,000 is awarded annually to the St. John’s graduate student who, in the opinion of the College Law Tutors, has achieved the best marks at the level of distinction for the BCL or MJur degrees.


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