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Dr Carolyne Larrington

Dr Carolyne Larrington

Supernumerary Fellow in English

Email: Dr Carolyne Larrington

Teaching Interests

Dr. Carolyne Larrington teaches medieval English literature in the college, ranging from the earliest Old English to the beginning of the Renaissance period.

Research Interests

Dr Larrington's research interests are in Old Icelandic literature, medieval women's writing, European Arthurian literature, and, most recently, medieval emotion. She has published on Old English and Old Icelandic wisdom poetry, compiled "Women and Writing in Medieval Europe: A Sourcebook" and edited two collections of essays on the Old Norse "Poetic Edda". Her translation of the "Poetic Edda", currently being revised and expanded, has become the standard. Her most recent monograph is 'King Arthur's Enchantresses: Morgan and Her Sisters in Arthurian Tradition' which appeared from IB Tauris in June 2006. She has just completed a book on sibling relations in European medieval literature, and edited the companion volume to the Bodleian Library exhibition, Magical Tales (Summer Exhibition 2013). She is currently editing a collection of essays on emotion in Arthurian literature, is editor-in-chief of the journal Viking and Medieval Scandinavia, and the President of the Viking Society for Northern Research, the British scholarly society for Old Norse study.

Contact details

St John's College
St. Giles, Oxford OX1 3JP
Work Tel: 01865 277300
Fax: 01865 277435
University of Oxford