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Visitors are welcome to come and see a changing programme of themed exhibitions in the Old and Laudian Libraries. Historic manuscripts, books and papers from the collections are usually on display.


Current exhibition

Richard Murphy (1927-2018)Richard Murphy exhibition

The current exhibition celebrates the Anglo-Irish poet Richard Murphy, who died last year at the age of 90. While he was celebrated as a poet of “two traditions” (one inherited from his Anglo-Irish mother and the other from his Irish father) at the height of his renown in the late 1970s, Richard Murphy’s poetry goes beyond the confines of this Anglo-Irish tradition and Murphy was ultimately praised “as a poet who has traced the aftermath of great historical transitions: Ireland after Aughrim, Ireland after independence, and more generally, a world in which the hypocrisies of the British imperial project are entirely discredited.” (Benjamin Keatinge, ‘Richard Murphy’, The Cambridge Companion to Irish Poets, ed. G. Dawe (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2018), pp. 211-223, p. 221).

The exhibition honours the renowned scholar of Irish literature Professor John Kelly, Fellow of St John’s College since 1976. His work as the general editor of the prestigious multi-volume publication of The Collected Letters of W.B. Yeats, published in Oxford by the Clarendon Press since 1986, was marked by the exhibition Visited by All the Gods: Celebrating the Collected Letters of W. B. Yeats at St John’s College in 2014/15.

This exhibition would not have been possible without the generous donation of the displayed materials by Joseph M. Hassett, distinguished Yeats scholar and author of W.B. Yeats and the Muses (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010). The donation includes volumes with personal dedications to Dr Hassett and autographs of Murphy’s poems in several volumes as well as a framed typescript of the poem ‘Newgrange’ from The Price of Stone that is accompanied by three black-and-white images of the Neolithic monument. The exhibition will be up until 31 July 2019.

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