St John's College Oxford
Dr Giulia Fanti

Dr Giulia Fanti

Stipendiary Lecturer in Classics


I studied at the University of Pavia (Italy), before joining the University of Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, where I obtained my PhD (2017) with a dissertation on Roman didactic poetry, primarily focused on Lucretius, Manilius and the Aetna poem. I have visited a few Classics departments around the world, among which Heidelberg University (DE) and Columbia University (NYC). In St. John's College I give tutorials in Latin and Greek language (translation and composition) and literature. I also run reading classes on both Greek and Latin texts. At the same time, I am instructor of Ancient Greek and Latin language at the Faculty of Classics.

Research Interests

My research focuses primarily upon didactic poetry: my doctoral dissertation, which I am now reworking for publication, aims to explain how the presence of a poet’s authority influences the development of the didactic process, incorporating the engagement or even intervention of the envisaged audience, relying for the first time on a thorough analysis of the linguistic features that define the main ‘interlocutors’ of a didactic work. My interests lie also upon Late-Republican literature, especially Cicero's minor poetic fragments interspersed in his major philosophical works. Another project I hope to undertake farther into the future is to write a commentary on Manilius IV, thereby filling a major lacuna in scholarship, as there is no modern commentary dedicated to this book. I have published mainly on Lucretius, Grattius (in a forthcoming OUP volume) and Cicero.