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St John’s is tremendously grateful to all our donors and supporters. Your generosity makes a long-lasting and significant impact across the College. We are pleased to let you know how your gift makes a difference. You will find here a variety of stories highlighting the activities your support has made possible over the past few years.

Named Scholars

Isabella Buono, BCL 2015, Daniel Slifkin Scholar
The Scholarship is generously supported by Daniel Slifkin (Jurisprudence, 1984)

'I am honoured to have been awarded the Daniel Slifkin Scholarship, which has enabled me to study at St John’s for the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL). Having completed my undergraduate law degree at Magdalene College, Cambridge, I was eager to pursue my keen academic interest in constitutional and administrative law at a higher level. I am now studying constitutional theory, constitutional principles of the European Union, comparative public law, and comparative human rights law. I believe that this will provide me with an invaluable intellectual foundation on which I hope to build a career at the public law Bar. I would like to express my deepest thanks to Mr Slifkin, without whose generosity I would not have had the privilege of spending this year at St John’s.'

Lisa Choi, Geography and the Environment 2013, Lester B Pearson Scholar
The Scholarship is generously supported by Roger Short (Chemistry, 1958), his wife Susan Short, and 48 other benefactors

'The Lester B Pearson Scholarship has allowed me to participate in the vibrant research here at Oxford as well as the wonderful community at St John’s College. Without the generous support of the benefactors in Canada, this amazing experience would not exist. The scholarship is currently supporting my doctoral research on airport-based urbanisation. In a comparative study between a North American and Asian ‘aerotropolis’, I focus on the socio-spatial relations and inequalities that result from this new era of city building. In addition to these academic benefits, the scholarship has enabled me to pursue my lifelong love of ice hockey as a member of Oxford’s Women’s Blues team.'

Trevelyan Wing, Environmental Change and Management 2015, Yungtai Hsu Scholar
The Scholarship is generously supported by Yungtai Hsu (Modern History, 1971)

'The MSc in Environmental Change and Management at Oxford provides the opportunity to enlarge my understanding of key global issues – climate change foremost – as I prepare for a career at the intersection of science and policy in international decision-making. I am delighted to be at St John’s, and to enjoy the richness of life here, feeding musical interests (singing) and athletic interests (fencing with the Blues). I’m honoured to receive the Yungtai Hsu Scholarship, which has helped make all this possible.'

The Alumni Fund

The Alumni Fund is a critical source of funding which provides flexible support for St John’s students. In addition to scholarships and bursaries, the Alumni Fund can help students with unforeseen hardship, offer grants for supplementary academic study and help in many other ways that students find they need.

Maria Dance, Biological Sciences 2013
'Thanks to the generous support of the Alumni Fund, I was able to attend a Tropical Ecology field course in the Danum Valley conservation area, Malaysian Borneo. I spent ten days in pristine rainforest where I took part in field practicals designed to teach us experimental and survey techniques for tropical ecological research. I also attended lectures and tutorials in the evenings to supplement what we had learnt in the field. In addition, we visited logged forest and oil palm plantations to learn about the extensive damage that has been done to forests in Borneo, as well as attempts to restore the forest and associated biodiversity.

Not only has this been a memorable learning experience… I also have an insight into the conservation challenges that the Malaysian government and NGOs face in order to mitigate deforestation, degradation and the planting of oil palm. It has given me ideas for further conservation and policy research questions.'

Eliza Joseph, English 2013
'A fellow St John’s student and I had the privilege of spending the summer working on a very exciting IT startup funded by the University’s IT Services’ Innovation Fund. We’re looking to create an online sharing platform, Oxchange, to allow Oxford University students to be able to capitalise on their community’s richest resource: knowledge. Every student can exchange what they know for what they want to know, giving an hour and receiving an hour back from their peers. This online skill exchange would be able to capitalise on the increasing popularity of sharing economies such as AirBnB and Uber, while also providing an invaluable academic resource for students looking to broaden their horizons both scholastically and in extra-curricular pursuits.

Thanks to the generous support of the Alumni Fund, we were able to have a permanent base in Oxford to be able to develop our venture, drawing on the extensive Oxford network of bright young tech-savvy minds, creatives and entrepreneurs, as well as meeting with professional website developers… We’re still incredibly excited about the future of this project and the huge potential it has to broaden student life at Oxford. Our work on it this summer would not have been possible without the incredible support of St John’s!'

Will Todman, Arabic and Islamic Studies 2010
'I used grants I received from St John’s Alumni Fund and the Hebrew and Jewish Studies Unit to travel to Israel and the West Bank to conduct research for my thesis which is on Palestinians’ attitudes to the Hebrew language. I spent six weeks living in the Balata refugee camp near Nablus and in Nazareth. I conducted over 100 interviews standing on the street and stopping passers-by. Whilst some people were slightly confused as to my interest in such a niche topic, the vast majority were incredibly helpful and talked very openly about their desire to learn Hebrew. I was also able to greatly improve my spoken Arabic as all the interviews were conducted in Palestinian Arabic. I attended a number of cultural events, and I experienced Ramadan, fasting with the family I lived with in the refugee camp.

I am truly grateful for St John’s support as there is no way I could have done this on my own. As an undergraduate, it is very uncommon to have the chance to carry out original fieldwork, and so this was an incredible opportunity. My supervisor also thinks it has the potential to form the basis of a doctoral thesis, so who knows what it will lead to!'