The St John's Online Community is a platform to keep alumni, Fellows and students in touch with each other across the world.

The St John's Online Community was launched early in 2018. This exciting platform is designed to give St John’s alumni, students and Fellows the opportunity to connect across the world and offer each other mentoring, advice, networking and connections.

The Online Community enables you to:

  • reconnect with your old university friends
  • search for graduates around the world
  • share your career expertise and knowledge through e-mentoring
  • volunteer your time in a variety of rewarding ways
  • get advice on your next move and how to progress in your chosen career

Along with the chance to offer and receive mentoring, the St John’s Online Community also contains a full listing of current events, job opportunities and lots of interesting articles, photos and publications in its digital library. Many of our alumni and students have already signed up to the platform. 

Join the St John's Online Community

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