St John's College Oxford
The College Office handles all academic administration for undergraduate students, from admission to completion of degrees. It also includes the Graduate Office and the Undergraduate Admissions Office.

The College Office is on the first floor of the Bursary at the end of the corridor, entrance on staircase 7 North Quad.

The College Office comprises:
Senior Tutor: Professor Alan Grafen
Academic Administrator: Eileen Marston 
Senior Academic Officer: Elaine Eastgate
Administrative Assistant:  Noreen Huffman (Mon-Thu only)
Administrative Assistant: Eva Reinhardt (8.30am-3.00pm weeks 0-9; mornings only outside of term) 
Administrative Assistant: Sue Allen (Wed-Fri only) 

Academic Dean: Dr Ellie Clewlow
Graduates Officer: Caroline Lordan 
Undergraduate Admissions Officer: Sarah Jones 
Schools Liaison Officer: Emma Coulson 

The Office is open 8.30 am-1.00 pm and 2.00-5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

For enquiries about degree days, please telephone 01865 277328 or email Degrees

Student Handbooks

University Cards

The University Card Office charges staff and students £10 for replacing lost cards of any status across the University. Payment must be made by the card holder through the Oxford Online Store. On receipt of payment, the Card Office will send a replacement card to the College Office for collection. It takes approximately 2 days for new cards to arrive and we will email you when yours has arrived. Once a card is reported as lost, the barcode will be stopped and changed. Should the original card be found, it will no longer be useable. More details can be found on the University lost cards page. 

Any card that needs to be renewed or replaced due to faults or other inadvertent damage, or to change of personal circumstances, will not incur the replacement fee. Cardholders who provide evidence that their card has been stolen will not be required to pay for a replacement card.

If your card has been lost or stolen, your card number will change. You will need to take your new card to the Finance Office (Bursary Room 23) and to the College Librarian so that your details can be updated on the relevant systems.

Vacation Residence

If you need to stay in College at the end of a term (i.e. after Saturday of 8th Week), or return before Thursday of 0th Week of the following term, or if you want to stay in College during some part of a vacation, you will need to complete a Vacation Residence application. 

You will need to apply for Vacation Residence if you need to stay in College beyond the end of term in order to take University exams; this is not arranged automatically by the College.

You will be charged for the period of residence for which you apply; however a vacation grant may be available to offset the cost.

Confirmation of Status Letters

Documents confirming your student status, letters for council tax purposes and bank letters are available through the University Student Self Service.

In order to open a bank account, you will need to provide evidence of your student status. Most banks in Oxford will accept a stamped self-certification document. If you intend to open an account at NatWest  you will need to contact the College Office and ask for a bank letter. To do this please call in to or email the College Office.

If you need a document or letter authenticated with the College stamp, please bring it the College Office.