St John's College Oxford
We’re looking forward to welcoming you to St John’s in October.

Things to do now

  1. Read through all of the documents listed below.
  2. Read and sign the College Contract and return it to the College Graduate Office
  3. Complete and return the Emergency Contact Details form to the College Graduate Office
  4. Complete the NHS registration
  5. Register for the International Student Orientation Programme if applicable

Good luck with all of the reading.  The forms at 2 and 3 should be posted in a single envelope to:

Graduate Freshers’ Mailing
College Office
St John’s College
United Kingdom

Please note the following:

If you have any queries please email


  1. College Contract
  2. Emergency Contact Details
  3. College Doctor registration letter
  4. College Doctor information leaflet
  5. Health information: Immunisation letter
  6. Orientation events for non-UK Students
  7. Letter from the Senior Dean
  8. Letter from the College Chaplain
  9. Handbook for Graduate Students 2017-18
  10. Domestic Arrangements
  11. College Charges & Expenses 2017-18
  12. Graduate Computing in College
  13. Student Email
  14. Graduate Matriculation
  15. Information about academic dress
  16. Map of the College
  17. Middle Common Room (MCR) Welcome Letter
  18. Key dates for New Graduates 2017

You will find the University website a useful way to access University news, resources and services at Oxford. The site includes a ‘Before you Arrive’ section which contains a wealth of information for new students before they arrive and during their first few weeks.