St John's College Oxford

Undergraduate students starting in 2017

Welcome to St John’s.

Undergraduate Freshers’ Week Timetable 

You will have completed all this paperwork by the time you arrive in College for Freshers Week:

Read through all of the documents listed below, starting with the Letter from the College Office.

  1. Read the University Terms and Conditions and then complete and sign the University Card Form, attach a passport sized photograph, and return the form to the College Office (address at the bottom of the page)
  2. Read and sign the College Contract and return it together with two passport sized photographs to the College Office
  3. Complete and return the Emergency Contact Details form to the College Office
  4. Complete the Document Return Checklist
  5. Complete the NHS registration
  6. Register for the International Student Orientation Programme if applicable

The forms at 1, 2, 3 and 4 should be attached to the Document Return Checklist and posted in a single envelope to:
Undergraduate Freshers’ Mailing
College Office
St John’s College
United Kingdom

Please note the following:

Forms must be sent in hard copy, unless you are not a resident of the UK in which case you may return them to us electronically, to  If you choose to do this you must confirm in your email your full name, your course and your postal address.

Forms requiring a signature must be signed by you; we cannot accept the signature of a family member, friend or associate.

Please let us know if you have difficulty downloading or printing any of the forms or documents, so that alternative arrangements may be made.

If you have any queries please email


  1. Letter from the College Office
  2. University of Oxford Terms and Conditions
  3. University Card Form
  4. College Contract
  5. Emergency Contact Details
  6. College Doctor registration letter
  7. College Doctor information leaflet
  8. Health information: Immunisation letter
  9. Orientation events for non-UK Students
  10. Undergraduate Freshers’ Week Timetable
  11. Letter from the Senior Dean
  12. Letter from the College Chaplain
  13. Handbook for Undergraduate Students 2017-18
  14. Domestic Arrangements
  15. College Charges & Expenses 2017-18
  16. Financial Guide for Undergraduates 2017-18
  17. Undergraduate Computing in College
  18. Student Email
  19. Undergraduate Matriculation
  20. Information about academic dress
  21. Map of the College
  22. Document Return Checklist 2017 (pdf version)