St John's College Oxford
We’re looking forward to welcoming you to St John’s in October.

Things to do now

1.   Read through all of the documents linked below, starting with the “Letter from the College Office”.
2.   Send the following to us:

  • A signed Undergraduate Student College Contract. You may post this or email it to us as explained below.
  • A completed and signed University Card application form.  Remember to attach a passport sized photograph. This contract must be sent to us by post to the address below.
  • Two additional passport photos, with your name printed on the back of each.

3.   Please also complete your NHS registration, as explained in the registration letter from the College Doctor.

The University card application from and the College contract should be returned by Wednesday 4th September to:

Undergraduate Freshers’ Mailing,
College Office,
St John’s College,
OX1 3JP,
United Kingdom.

The University card application form and the two passport photos must be send to us by post. The College contract may be posted to the above address or returned electronically, to  If you choose to email your contract please confirm in your email your full name and your course.

Forms requiring a signature must be signed by you; we cannot accept the signature of a family member, friend, or associate.
Please let us know if you have difficulty downloading or printing any of the forms or documents so that alternative arrangements may be made.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to let us know at

Good luck with all of the reading!

Welcome letter from the College Office

Items requiring action on your part now:

1.    Undergraduate Student College Contract
2.    University Card application form
3.    Registration letter from the College Doctor

Information for you to read before you arrive in Oxford:

4.    College Charges & Fees 2019-20
5.    University of Oxford Terms and Conditions 2019-2020
6.    College Handbook for Undergraduate Students
7.    Undergraduate Domestic Arrangements 2019-20
8.    Student Computing in College 2019
9.    University Student Handbook
10.   Welcome Letter from the Senior Dean
11.    Welcome letter from the Welfare Dean
12.    Undergraduate Freshers’ Week Timetable
13.    College Doctors - Practice Leaflet 2019 
14.    Immunisation letter
15.    Orientation events for non-UK Students
16.    Undergraduate Matriculation 2019
17.    Matriculation/Graduation Academic Dress
18.    Map of the College