St John's College Oxford
In addition to the Bodleian Library and the University's departmental and faculty libraries, the College provides its own library facilities to support its members with all their study needs.

Where is the Library? The main College Library is in Canterbury Quad, the entrance is in the southeast corner. There is a separate Law Library in Kendrew Quad, which is strictly for those studying law.

When is it open? During full term the Library is open from 9am to midnight, 7 days a week. Outside full term see the detailed schedule of opening. Additionally there is a 24-hour study room adjacent to the Library in Canterbury Quad.

Summer Vacation 2019

The library will be closed 6 July – 1 September during the move of the working collections into the new Library & Study Centre.

There will be limited access to the Special Collections during this closed period, restricted to scholars from outside Oxford who cannot visit at a later date. Please email the Librarian, Dr Petra Hofmann, if you need access:

The library will reopen in the new building on Monday 2 September.

How do I get in? Your key fob accesses both the main Library and the 24-hour study space. Currently all entrances are stepped, making wheelchair access very difficult. If you experience any problems in this regard please contact the Librarian to discuss arrangements.

Is there Wifi? Yes, using either the OWL or Eduroam services.

Using resources

How do I find books, articles and other things? Most books are listed on the University's SOLO interface, and most journals, ebooks and databases are directly accessible through it too. Use the menu on the right to access more information on finding items. Also see the classification guide.

How do I borrow things? Bring books to the Library Issue Desk together with your Bodleian Card. If, for reasons of personal mobility, you find accessing the building difficult, please contact Library staff to make arrangements for the delivery of items.

How many things can I borrow & for how long? Junior members may borrow up to 10 items during term time, a limit which is extended to 20 over the vacations. Undergraduate loans are usually for 2 weeks; postgraduates are able to take items for the term (due on Wednesday of 8th week). Email reminders are sent out prior to due dates and fines are charged for late returns.

How do I return things? Simply bring books to the Library Issue Desk. 

Is it just books? The Library also houses DVDs, medical equipment, bookrests, and the JCR's collection of games. Ask Library staff for further details.

Can I recommend books? Yes, please read and complete the recommendations form.


Working in the Library

What are the Library rules? The Library has a set of Rules to ensure consideration for other users, staff, buildings and collections. Access these using the menu on the right.

Can I work in the Old Library? Junior members wishing to work in the Old Library may sign for a key at the Desk. 

Can I get to see some of the old books? If junior members would like to see some of the historic collections for study or general interest contact the Librarian. Regular open viewing sessions (at least once a term) are held in the Old Library.

Are there PCs in the Library? There is one PC which requires a single sign on to use, and which is attached to a printer. This is in the Paddy Room on the left.

Is there a photocopier in the Library? The photocopier is situated in the fire escape lobby in the Paddy Room. To purchase a card, please ask at the Porters Lodge: a card costs £5 for 100 copies. Library staff may be able to offer small amounts of copying at 5p per sheet.

Which other libraries can I use in Oxford? There are around 100 libraries associated with the University, the Oxford Libraries Assistant app can provide details of which are available for you to use. A rule of thumb is that the main faculty and lending libraries in the University are open to all, whereas smaller departmental libraries are restricted to those working in the department, and college libraries are restricted to members of an individual college. Please note that unauthorized use of other college libraries can result in disciplinary action.

College Librarian: Dr Petra Hofmann
Deputy Librarian: Ruth Ogden 
Fellow Librarian and Keeper of the Archives: Professor Alastair Wright

The Library also runs its own Facebook page and a blog about its exhibitions and special collections.