St John's College Oxford
An exhibition by Andrew Holmes
Andrew Holmes: Promised Land
" For 50 years Andrew Holmes has been working on a series of 150 large-scale drawings. A selection of 26 of these is collected together for this exhibition. His favourite subject has always been Los Angeles, or rather the lines of transportation that sustain the city across the harsh surrounding desert. The work exposes the illusions and delusions of freedom of any individual tied to this compelling, restrictive system, and the fragility of a society dependent on a supply of cheap oil. "

Two talks by the artist

The Other Side of Nowhere: Messages, Films, Polaroids, Photographs 19692019The Other Side of Nowhere

Thursday 7 November 2019, 18.0019.00

The first Artist Talk is concerned with a machine society in which the same building occurs in a hundred different places, and the same machine appears in a thousand. The chrome-encrusted diners, spick’n’span stores, offices, and gas stations give only an occasional glimpse or reflection of a human being or a fleeting vehicle. The bars are closed, the autos, and trucks driverless. The sky is always cloudless, and the sunlight even. The all-pervading repose is slightly sinister, and expectant. 

No Particular Place: Drawings 19692019No Particular Place

Thursday 14 November 2019, 18.0019.00

The second Artist Talk discusses the illusions, and particularly the delusions, of freedom seen in the drawings, but here the work is continued and explored through different time based media.