Find out how to search and access the personal papers of Robert Graves at St John's College

When Robert Graves’s widow Beryl Graves died in 2003, she bequeathed together with her late husband’s personal papers his ‘working library’ to Oxford’s St John’s College. The working library consists of over 1,500 volumes and it is still arranged in the same sequence as it was kept in by Robert Graves in Deyá, Mallorca. The collection is an interesting mix of Robert Graves’s own publications as well as those of friends, Classics and English primary and secondary literature, books connected to Graves’s research and literary interests, and private press publications. The working library is accompanied by three boxes of various documents and ephemera found in the books and now stored separately.

Summary Indexes

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Online Finding Aids

The working library is catalogued on the Oxford University’s online library catalogue SOLO. Currently, not all titles are yet captured in the link provided.

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