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A new scholarship for undergraduate students

Date 23 January 2017

St John’s has launched the James Scholarship to support students from low-income countries to study at Oxford

The College recently sent out offers to invite students from around the world to study for an undergraduate degree at St John’s. Once initial celebrations are out of the way, many offer-holders start to think about the practicalities of coming to Oxford, not least how they will fund their studies.[i]

This year, the College is pleased to launch an additional source of financial support aimed at international undergraduate students in financial need from developing countries. The James Scholarship covers University and College fees, and a living cost grant as well as one return airfare per year.[ii]

" I am delighted that St John’s is able to offer the James Scholarship. It represents a new element of the College’s commitment to being a diverse international community and to ensuring that, as far as possible, no student is prevented from coming to study here on financial grounds. " The President, Professor Maggie Snowling

[i] College information for offer-holders and contact details for key admissions staff who can deal with any questions can be found here. Detailed information about the James Scholarship can be found here. Detailed information on fees and funding can be found on the University website.

[ii] St John’s offer-holders in all subjects are eligible to apply but preference may be given to offer-holders in Mathematics before awards are considered in other subjects. Application is the same as for REACH Oxford scholarships. Detailed criteria and application forms are on the REACH Oxford website.

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