St John's College Oxford
Dr Andrew Dean

Dr Andrew Dean

Stipendiary Lecturer in English



My research focuses on post-Second World War Anglophone literatures. I am particularly interested in the relationship between global literary forms and transformations in the literary field.

Research Interests

My doctoral thesis, Foes, Ghosts, and Faces in the Water: Self-Reflexivity in Postwar Fiction (Oxford, 2017), examines the origins, poetics, and capacities of postwar metafiction. In each of the chapters – which cover J. M. Coetzee, Philip Roth, and Janet Frame – I show how environments such as academia and literary nationalism enforced authorial self-reflexivity, and how authors responded with career-wide metafictional practices. In turn, I make historically determinate claims about the value of metafiction for politics, criticism, and philosophical thought, as well as assess the rather narrower and more defensive writing practices that have emerged. I am currently developing the thesis into a monograph.

Beyond my academic research, I also regularly write on political issues, primarily in New Zealand. In 2015 I published a short book, Ruth, Roger and Me (Bridget Williams Books), which assesses the impact that the 1980s and 1990s economic reforms had on the lives and experiences of those born during and since that period. More recently, I have contributed essays on political and literary themes to Australasian publications including Overland, Landfall, and the Pantograph Punch.