Ms Annika C. Münster

Ms Annika C. Münster

Lektorin in German



As the Lektorin in German I am responsible for teaching German conversation classes and essay writing to undergraduate students. I am also working for The Queen's and St Catherine’s College.


My research interests lie in English literatures and cultures in general. However, I am particularly interested in Gender Studies, Postcolonial Studies and psychoanalytical approaches. Currently I am working on my master's thesis on women internalizing the male gaze in contemporary anglophone literature. In addition, I am studying German as a foreign language with Goethe Institute. I have been teaching German and English for over 10 years and hence I am particularly focussing on language learning, language acquisition and different learning types.


Apart from that, I am also a creative writer. I have published poetry in a number of anthologies and I am currently working on a novel.