St John's College Oxford

Dr Lucy Audley-Miller

Stipendiary Lecturer in Classical Archaeology


I am an archaeologist specialising in the visual cultures of the ancient Mediterranean world and enjoy teaching a wide range of Greek and Roman art and archaeology papers. I have worked as a field archaeologist on excavations in the UK, Romania, Italy and, most recently, in Turkey.

My academic teaching career started at St John's in 2007-10, when I was a Junior Teaching Fellow. Since then, I have worked as a departmental lecturer (at the Department of Classics, Oxford) and held research fellowships at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and Somerville College, Oxford. I returned to St John’s as a Stipendiary Lecturer in 2016.

Research Interests

My principal research interests focus on the art produced in the Roman period. I have been involved in a range of projects working on sculpture from sites around the Roman world, including material from Libya, Turkey, Syria, and Macedonia. At present, I am writing a book called Faces of Empire (in preparation for OUP), which examines experiences of cultural change, among the diverse peoples of the Roman Empire, through the images that they commissioned. The Roman period saw people employ stone portraits on a scale not seen before, or since. The project uses this commemorative phenomenon to explore the changes in self-representation that emerged around the Roman world in response to Roman imperialism. It examines images in their original funerary contexts, in a geographically wide ranging span of monuments (from Syria to Germany, Romania to North Africa), and employs this material evidence to examine how contact with Rome led to the development of new artistic traditions, body ideals, gender values and new ways of expressing social prestige as well as reshaping attitudes to memory and commemoration. I am also co-editor of an interdisciplinary book called Wandering Myths (in preparation for De Gruyter).