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Dr Noemi Picco

Dr Noemi Picco

Research Associate in Mathematics


Building on my background in mathematics I have been developing a wide range of theoretical and computational tools that allow us to better understand a variety of biological systems.

My research at St John's is part of an interdisciplinary effort between Professor Molnar's experimental lab, and Professor Maini and Dr Woolley at the Wolfson Centre for Mathematical Biology. We are supported by a St John's College Research Centre Thematic Grant to study cortex development and evolution. We want to understand the finely-tuned processes that take place during cortical neurogenesis, and to map the divergent evolutionary trajectories that give rise to differences between species. 

Strategy Space Noemi Picco research

More information about my research interest and my work can be found on my departmental page here.

Caption: The strategy space. By moving along a trajectory in this space, progenitor cells modulate their propensities to undergo different types of division, generating the neuronal output needed for a species' cortex. More information on our Mathematical Model of Neurogenesis can be found here.