St John's College Oxford
Dr Stephan Uphoff

Dr Stephan Uphoff

Junior Research Fellow in Biochemistry


My interdisciplinary research group is based at the Department of Biochemistry. I studied Physics in Göttingen and obtained an MSc and DPhil in Biological Physics at Oxford. As a postdoc, I have worked in the Systems Biology Department at Harvard Medical School and the Biochemistry Department at Oxford. Our work is funded by a Sir Henry Dale Fellowship by the Wellcome Trust.

Research Interests

Research in my group aims at a quantitative understanding of cell function at the molecular level. We are particularly interested in the mechanisms of DNA repair and mutagenesis in bacteria. Our goal is to directly measure these fundamental processes inside individual living cells. To this end, we innovate novel experimental methods based on single-molecule imaging, super-resolution microscopy, single-cell manipulation, microfluidics, and whole genome sequencing. Using these approaches, we uncovered how bacterial cells sense and repair different types of DNA damage. These findings also shed light onto the origins of mutations that make bacteria resistant to antibiotic treatment.

We collaborate with several groups at Oxford and internationally on a range of projects related to genome maintenance in bacteria and eukaryotes.

For more information and research opportunities in my group, please visit the lab website.