St John's College Oxford
Dr Thomas Woolley

Dr Thomas Woolley

Junior Research Fellow in Mathematics


As well as writing posts for science websites such as I actively engage in communicating my cutting edge research ideas to the public. Through links with Marcus du Sautoy I have worked with the BBC developing a series called 'The Code' and Wild Rover productions, developing questions for Dara O'Briains 'School of Hard Sums'.

Research Interests

My research focuses on modelling biological systems mathematically in order to get a better insight into how specific phenomena occur.

Currently, I am working on understanding muscle stem cell protrusions known as blebs. These blebs allow cells to move along muscle fibres and we want to understand the mechanisms by which this motion occurs. I am also interested in biological pattern formation produced through coupling diffusion and chemical reactions together, a theory that has a rich history going back to Alan Turing in 1952.