St John's College Oxford
Dr  Georgi Gardiner

Dr Georgi Gardiner

Junior Research Fellow in Philosophy


I received my doctorate in Philosophy from Rutgers University in 2017. Before that I received my undergraduate and Master’s degrees in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh. During my Master’s degree I was a visiting scholar at Northwestern University and Saint Louis University. Before I enrolled at the University of Edinburgh I studied Physics and Maths at the Open University. In October 2017 I joined St. John’s College as a Junior Research Fellow.

Research Interests

I specialise in epistemology. My research clusters into four areas. The first is the nature and value of understanding and explanation. The second concerns questions about epistemic virtue, epistemic value, and epistemic luck. The third area examines meta-philosophy and the epistemology of philosophy. The fourth is social and applied epistemology, especially collective epistemology and legal epistemology.