Natalie Mrockova

Natalie Mrockova

Supernumerary Teaching Fellow in Law


Currently I give tutorials in Land Law, Law of Trusts and Criminal Law. 

In the past I gave a series of lectures and tutorials on Corporate Insolvency Law at the University of Cambridge and tutorials in Land Law, Law of Trusts, Company Law and Contract Law at several colleges at the University of Oxford. I also spent a year teaching at the University of Wuhan in China where I taught Elements of English Property and Contract Law. My teaching and research are informed by my previous roles as a commercial and legal negotiator and later also as a head of sales in an international manufacturing company.

Research Interests

My research interests include the inter-relation of law, finance and economic development; the role of property rights in corporate law; and the interaction between law on paper ('black letter') and law in practice (enforcement). My research explores these questions in the context of English and Chinese law.