Dr Priyanka Dhopade

Dr Priyanka Dhopade

Stipendiary Lecturer in Engineering



I give tutorials in College to first, second and third year students in Engineering. My subjects include thermodynamics, heat and mass transfer, fluid dynamics and mathematics. At the Engineering department, I give demonstrations for coursework modules in computational fluid dynamics and also co-supervise third and fourth year Engineering students.

Research Interests

My current research interests are in aerodynamics, thermodynamics and heat transfer for gas turbine applications. The broader aim of my research is to develop novel cooling technologies and predictive models for jet engines to improve the safety, environmental impact and economy of commercial aviation. My expertise is in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling of (i) internal turbomachinery flows to investigate novel cooling methods and (ii) fluid-structure interaction to predict blade aeroelastic response. The challenges involved with my research include accurately modelling the turbulent, potentially unsteady flow physics surrounding each component and being able to predict/measure the resulting heat transfer coefficients (both numerically and experimentally) that influence the component design and ultimately, engine efficiency.