St John's College Oxford
The St John's Inspire Programme is excited to announce the release of its new digital platform

Inspire Digital is an open interface for secondary school students and prospective university applicants, which is designed in the format of an online magazine. There are plenty of challenges on offer; our tutors have also provided source- and critical thinking questions, the likes of which prospective Oxford applicants might be expected to answer in an interview. We are also delighted to have the involvement of secondary school teachers, who have contributed questions, brainteasers and puzzles to the site. All solutions will be posted regularly and there are even prizes to be won! We have also provided useful links to information and resources on how to make a competitive application to a highly selective university, as well as contact details of members of the Access and Admissions Office at St John’s.

  • Thought-provoking articles written by Oxford academics
  • Critical thinking and interview-style questions set by St John’s tutors
  • Brainteasers set by secondary school teachers across the country
  • Photo and video competitions
  • Quizzes, puzzles and games
  • Debates and interactive voting pages
  • Career journeys and inspirational speakers
  • Information on applying to the University of Oxford
  • Tips and advice for interviews and admissions tests
  • News articles and updates on St John’s access and outreach work
  • Information and alerts on events and opportunities at St John’s

Inspire Digital

Click here to visit the site.

Why not let us know what articles you would like to see? If you are a teacher, perhaps you would like to contribute to the next set of tricky questions.