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Dr Georgy Kantor

Dr Georgy Kantor

Tutorial Fellow in Ancient History Keeper of the Pictures


I studied at Moscow and Balliol College, Oxford, and worked at Wadham and New College before joining St John’s in 2012. I give tutorials in Roman and Hellenistic history papers for Classics, Classical Archaeology and Ancient History, and Ancient and Modern History, and lecture for the Faculty of Classics on Roman inscriptions, institutions and political history. I am also involved in teaching faculty classes on Greek City in the Roman World from Dio Chrysostom to John Chrysostom, an undergraduate paper which I helped to put on the syllabus.

Research Interests

I work on institutional, social and political history of the early Roman Empire, history of Roman law, epigraphy of the Roman world (both Latin and Greek), and regional history of Asia Minor and the Black Sea area in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. 

I am preparing for publication a monograph on Law in Roman Asia Minor (133 BC–AD 212), and the next one is going to be on social and institutional history of the province of Lycia-Pamphylia (an exciting region in the south-west of Asia Minor) to the beginning of the fourth century AD. 

With Hannah Skoda and Tom Lambert, I have co-edited Legalism: Property and Ownership, the fourth volume in a hugely exciting interdisciplinary series (forthcoming, Oxford University Press 2017). I am also an associate editor of the Supplementum Epigraphicum Graecum with responsibility for the Black Sea and Danubian regions, and serve on the editorial board of the Vestnik drevnej istorii (journal of ancient history of the Russian Academy). 

Occasionally I blog on research-related topics at