St John's College Oxford
The study of the history, archaeology and art of the classical world.
  • Our students benefit from being part of a university which has the largest concentration of ancient historians and classical archaeologists in Britain, as well as taking part in a dynamic interdisciplinary programme that combines the study of the history, archaeology and art of the classical world.
  • At St John's CAAH students are part of a vibrant, sizeable group of students studying the Greek and Roman worlds, and share activities with those reading Ancient and Modern History, and Classics and its other Joint Schools.
  • St John's has tutors in both classical archaeology and ancient history. Dr Audley-Miller is an expert on Roman provincial art, particularly stone portraiture; Georgy Kantor works on Roman and Hellenistic institutional and social history. Both teach a wide range of CAAH courses.
  • St John’s is extremely close (literally just over the road) to the four buildings which form the hub for the study of Classical Archaeology and Ancient History at Oxford: the Sackler Library (the world’s best working library for these subjects); the Ashmolean Museum, which houses important collections of Graeco-Roman and Egyptian art, inscriptions, and coins; the Institute of Archaeology; and the Ioannou Centre for Classical and Byzantine Studies.
  • The College offers generous financial assistance for students in this subject to develop their first-hand experience in the field, through fieldwork, site- and museum-visits, and the study of ancient landscapes, particularly in the Mediterranean region.
  • This relatively new subject has attracted very enthusiastic students from the start, and many have gone on to graduate-level research.

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Classical Archaeology & Ancient History tutors