Here you can find details of what to expect if your child attends an event at St John's.

Introduction to Oxford for Parents and Carers

If your child visits St John’s on a study day, summer school, school visit, or open day, or other event coordinated by the Access and Outreach team, appropriate safeguarding measures will be put in place to ensure their safety during their visit. All members of the Access and Outreach team are trained in safe-guarding, and first aiders are present in College at all times. When necessary, dietary and accessibility requirements are sought in advance of visits.

For more information about the types of events that the College runs, click here.

For more information on supporting your child’s application to Oxford, click here.

For an FAQ sheet put together by our Admissions Officer, click here.

For more information about Oxford generally, including the University's new families guide, click here.

What are the costs for visiting St John’s and participating in its programmes?

We understand that the cost of travelling to Oxford can be difficult for some pupils, so St John's College can pay the cost of your child’s travel expenses to Oxford, by public transport, if they are a UK resident who attends or has attended a UK state school or college and if they are:

  • currently eligible for Free School Meals;
  • in local authority care;
  • eligible for the 16-19 Bursary;
  • eligible for the Education Maintenance Allowance;
  • there is another reason why it would be difficult for them to afford to travel to Oxford to participate in access and outreach activities at St John's.

Please see here for further details and guidance on how to apply for this funding.