Accommodation in College.

Guidance on just about everything – including accommodation, electrical appliances, guest rooms, parking, computer rooms and meals battels – can be found in the Domestic Arrangements document. On arrival in College, you will receive a Student Licence Agreement detailing the rental agreement between you and College for your room. This must be signed and returned to the Accommodation Office as quickly as possible.

The College's rents and charges are detailed in the Domestic Arrangements document. The University provides a list of rents  and other charges in each College for the current academic year, should you wish to compare rents in other colleges. For information on paying Battels and other costs view the Undergraduate Student Handbook which is available on the Academic Office page.

Some flats are available for students who are living full-time with a partner (i.e. both parties must live in the flat as their sole accommodation). Flats will be allocated by the Accommodation Office to students in their first year but in subsequent years a ballot system is operated by the MCR Committee; this will be open to existing tenants and to those students who have been in single accommodation and who subsequently wish to move to a flat with a partner. Students with children/dependants must apply to the Domestic Bursar before the ballot is run each year. Those with a disability of specific medical needs should go through the off-ballot application process via the Disability Co-ordinator.

Guest rooms
There are two twin-bedded guest rooms for the use of current students. These may be booked through the Porters' Lodge. Please note that it is not possible to accommodate children under 16 in these rooms.