St John's College Oxford
This health and welfare contact information is for current students

Medical care

Playing in the snowCollege Nurse
Vivienne Davies 
tel 01865 277369

  • Hours 8.30–10.30am, Monday to Friday in term time.
  • The Nurse’s office is North Quad 5, room 1.  
  • No appointment is necessary and consultations are strictly confidential. 
  • The Nurse can also visit students in their rooms if necessary.

College Doctor
Dr Debbie Waller
19 Beaumont Street
tel 01865 240501

The Oxford Emergency Medical Service (OXEMS) provides an out-of-hours service from 6pm to 8am. If you ring the Beaumont Street surgery during those hours, you will be given a number to ring.

The surgery also runs a very good travel clinic for those wishing advice for foreign travel.

Dental practice

Helena Kennedy Student Centre
Headington Hill Campus
Oxford Brookes University
Headington Road, Oxford OX3 0BP

Hours: Monday-Friday, 8.00 am–6.00 pm

tel 01865 689997
email Studental


The College Counsellor, Dr Denise Barulis, is available in College (16 St Giles House) on Thursdays from weeks 0 to 9 inclusive, for confidential consultation. If you would like to see her, either to discuss issues concerning you or because you are anxious about someone else, please get in contact.

The University Counselling Service is designed specifically to meet the emotional and practical needs of students at Oxford. It is confidential and deals with the whole range of academic, social and personal anxieties. It is based at 3 Worcester Street, Oxford, OX1 2BX. Appointments can be made by calling in to the office, by telephone 01865 270300 or by email.

Both services are free and confidential.

The welfare team

Senior Dean
Professor Jason Schnell oversees welfare provision at St John’s, including liaising with medical and counselling services. He is also the first port of call for applications for financial assistance and liaises with JCR and MCR committees. Information about the Hardship Grant and similar funds can be found on the Grants, prizes and scholarships page. 

Junior Deans
Junior Deans Giustina Monti, Jacob Taylor, Nina de Kreij (née Schneider) and Sa'eed Husaini provide welfare support to the junior members of College, and are always happy to listen if you need a sympathetic ear. Pop in during office hours (5.30–6pm Monday/Wednesday/Friday) or email. They also attend to lesser disciplinary matters, and oversee room bookings once bookings have been made via the College catering office. For further information please see The Junior Deans.

The Revd Dr Elizabeth Macfarlane cares for all College members and staff, of every faith and none. She is concerned with all aspects of wellbeing, not simply spiritual matters, and can be consulted in confidence.

Tutor for Women
Professor Theresa Burt de Perera’s role is primarily concerned with issues relating to female students but she is happy to meet with male students as well.

Equality Officer
Dr Kate Doornik is responsible for ensuring the implementation of the College’s policy on equality of opportunity, without regard for gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, disability or age. She is also the College's Disability Lead.

Academic Administrator
Mrs Eileen Marston heads the College Office staff and is responsible for the day-to-day academic administration of the College. 

Finance Bursar
Ms Sally Layburn is responsible for administering grants and collecting battels.

JCR Welfare Team
The JCR appoints a Disabilities Officer and an Equality Officer as part of the JCR Welfare Team to represent students on College Committees. 

The College Harassment Advisors
These are Dr Kate DoornikProfessor Theresa Burt de Perera, Professor Nikolaj Lubecker and Professor Philip Maini.