Students eat well at St John's, with meals in Hall and in a café in the College.
dining in Hall

Students can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the beautiful Hall in College. The menu is varied and healthy, and with notice the kitchen can provide for all dietary requirements.  

Most students also have access to kitchen facilities if they wish to prepare their own food. During the day the spacious and modern Kendrew Café is open for hot, healthy meals and snacks and for socialising, while in the evening the lively College Bar is a popular venue. 

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Eating in Hall

Lunch is self-service. There are two settings for dinner each evening, Informal Hall which is self-service and Formal Hall which is served. Students book in for dinner each day, for whichever setting they wish.

Once or twice a term Special Guest Night Dinners are a chance to entertain guests in a more formal setting.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are paid for by a prepaid charge card. Costs are approximately:
breakfast £1.15-2.99
lunch £2.99
dinner £4.09 Informal Hall and £4.39 Formal Hall 

" Hall is the absolute heart of College, with subsidised food three times a day every day, a busy social environment and warm atmosphere. It's a great place to go to get out of your room, recharge after lectures/labs/classes and meet up with friends. " Ed, third year Egyptology student

Kendrew Café

Kendrew Café is very popular with students as a place to relax and meet up with friends, as well as being a more informal study space for those days you don't want to work in the library. It serves hot food from 12 to 2pm and coffee, cakes and smoothies until it closes at 11pm.

You can see an example menu below!

Sample Kendrew Menu v1.jpg
Kendrew Cafe
Kendrew cafe