The Academic Office handles all academic administration for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

The Academic Office comprises:
Senior Tutor: Dr Matthew Nicholls
Academic Administrator: Eileen Marston
Senior Academic Officer: Elaine Eastgate, Eva Reinhardt
Graduate Officer: Caroline Lordan
Academic Support Officers: Sarah Bristow, Enoka Directze-Berrie

The Academic Office is on the first floor of the Bursary at the end of the corridor, entrance on staircase 7 North Quad and is open to students 8.30 am-1.00 pm and 2.30-5.00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Visitors are very welcome so feel free to drop in if you have any questions, or simply to say 'Hello.' If you would like to discuss something specific, please send us an email with an approximate date and time and we will do our best to ensure that a member of Academic Office staff is available to help when you arrive.

Student Handbooks

University Cards

Lost cards
If your University Card is lost, the quickest way to get a replacement is to pay the £15 fee online through the Oxford Online Store. This must be done by the card holder. Payment automatically triggers a request for a replacement to the University Card Office. They will send your replacement card to the Academic Office. It takes approximately 2 days for new cards to arrive, and we will email you when yours has arrived so you can collect it. 

If you need urgent access to libraries, the Bodleian Library Admissions Office in the Weston Library on Broad Street will issue you a day pass until your new University Card is ready for collection.

Damaged or stolen cards, or to extend your card
If your University Card is faulty or damaged there is no replacement fee payable. If your University Card is stolen there is no replacement fee payable as long as you can provide a crime number, issued by the Police. Otherwise, it is treated as lost.

Once a card is reported as lost or stolen, the barcode number will be stopped. Should the original card be found, it will no longer be useable. Your new card will have a new number, and you will need to take it to the Finance Office (Bursary Room 23) and to the College Librarian so that your details can be updated onto the relevant systems. 

Replacements for damaged cards will keep the same barcode number.

To request a replacement for a card that has been damaged or stolen, please complete and submit this online form. The Academic Office will contact you when your new card arrives.

Graduate students needing to extend their cards should use the same online form above.

Confirmation of Status Letters

Documents confirming your student status, such as letters for Council Tax purposes or for opening a bank account, are available through the University Student Self Service. These documents will need to be stamped by the Academic Office. 

Travel Visa and other letters
To request a letter to support a Travel Visa application, and for other letter requests, please complete and submit this online form.

Degree documents (such as transcripts and certificates)

Once your degree has been conferred at a degree ceremony, either in person or in absentia, you will automatically receive a degree certificate. This will be available to collect in College on the day of your graduation ceremony or posted to you after the event.

An academic transcript is an official summary of your academic performance and progress to date. It will only include final marks confirmed by the appropriate Examination Board. A transcript may be required by prospective employers or educational institutions to which you are applying. Information about how to obtain an academic transcript can be found on the University’s eDocuments Help and FAQs pages.

Further information is also available at Degree Certificates, Academic transcripts, and eDocuments

Alumni who commenced their studies prior to Michaelmas Term 2007 may request a statement giving details of dates of attendance, degree course(s), examinations taken, marks achieved and degree class. To request a statement please complete and submit this online form. We aim to respond to requests within two weeks.


For enquiries about degree days, please email Degrees or visit our Graduation page.

Room Booking

St John's students may, with appropriate permission, book venues in college. For details on how to book a room, please visit the intranet Room availability page (find information on how to connect to the Intranet here).

St John's Study Skills Programme

The Academic Office also manages the St John's Study Skills Programme, which you can find out more about here.