Details of meal times, meal booking arrangements and other food facilities

To book for dinner click here

Meal times

8.00-9.00 am Monday to Saturday 
9.00-9.40 am Sunday             

12.30-1.30 pm daily      

Informal dinner
6.15-6.45 pm daily except Monday and Wednesday 6.30-7.30 pm

Formal dinner
7.15 pm prompt on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday

Special dietary requirements
A vegetarian option is standard at meals in Hall. Further needs can be discussed with the Catering Manager.

Booking for dinner
Book for dinner online by 11.00am for that day's dinner. Wine can be ordered at lunchtime for dinner that evening.
To book for dinner click here

If you are having problems the following FAQ may help:

I can’t connect to the meal booking web page 
For security you can only connect to the meal booking system from the Oxford ‘Eduroam’ or ‘OWL with VPN’ wireless networks, as well as from wired Ethernet connection within St John’s.

If you are attempting to connect from another network, such as from a cafe, home broadband or using 3G/4G you will not be able to connect without first connecting to the Oxford VPN system. VPN is used to protect and allow access to a number of ‘Oxford only’ Internet resources.

For information on how to set up VPN please see the IT Services page.

If you are connecting from Oxford Eduroam, OWL or the College network and still cannot connect, make sure you are using the correct address:  (Note it starts https and not just http. Also try another browser to see if that helps.)

I have forgotten my meal booking password
The meal booking service is part of the Accounts system and to reset your password you need to contact the Accounts team on the top floor of the Bursary. The IT Office cannot reset meal booking system passwords. If you are using the system for the first time then for details of your initial password please see the FAQ.

My balance on the system is different to what I expected
For balance, top up and financial queries speak to the Accounts team on the top floor of the Bursary.

I have a question about the menu, allergens or how many guests I can bring to a meal
For menu, allergen and guest questions contact Leigh Ponting or Kelly Homer in the Catering Office, 1st floor, Buttery.  You can email them here.

Where can I get instructions on using the system?
For instructions see but note you will have to be on the Oxford Eduroam, OWL or St John’s wired network to connect to the meal booking server or running VPN as shown above.

If you are still having problems contact the IT team.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are paid for by a prepaid charge card. VAT is payable on meals for guests, so informal dinner for guests is £4.64 and formal dinner is £4.98.

You are welcome to bring guests to dinner and they can be booked in through the computer system. 
Space is limited so book in advance!
The JCR and MCR arrange Special Guest Nights, usually once or twice a term: prices of these are negotiated on each occasion.

The Buttery in Hall
Open 8 am–2 pm and 6–8 pm

College Bar in Thomas White Quad
Open 6–11 pm Monday–Thursday & Sunday, 6pm–midnight Friday and Saturday

Kendrew Café in Kendrew Quad
The seating area is open 8 am–11 pm.
The cafe is open 10 am–3.30 pm for fresh coffee and snacks, including homemade cakes. 
Hot, healthy homemade food is served 12–2pm Monday to Saturday.
A self service cash coffee machine and a vending machine are available when the servery is closed.