Survey Results

by Hannah Gilbert (1993, Arabic and Islamic Studies) – 30 March 2023
Thank you to all members of the network who responded to the survey in our previous newsletter. As we embarked on Michaelmas 2022, we felt it was the right time to take stock with a survey about how members of the SJCWN interact with us on different platforms. We wanted to find out how our community has been engaging with the network and what directions we should focus upon in the future.

We received a good sample size of responses that was broadly representative of the membership as a whole, and alumni who spanned 1980s (the first SJC female pupils) to 2010s (our Early Career Graduates).

One of the most interesting things to read from the feedback was just how diverse the network is and how through our different events we feed our network’s intellectual curiosity with talks from academics and authors, or provide community building and discussions of shared lived experiences, to networking opportunities with our dinners and social events. It is always heartening for us to hear what you have enjoyed about our network, events or newsletters, and we had 95% of those who responded who had read our newsletters within the last 6 months.

Looking ahead suggested events mirrored the greater trends of society today. The theme of transitions was key, as we pivot from careers, to life stages, to ‘retirement’ – whatever that means! We are hoping to put on more events that help our network through their lifetime, from the Leadership Programme aimed at current pupils, to workshops on parenting and ‘non-linear’ careers.

Overall, comments stated that a mixture of digital an in person events should continue. We did have some feedback to hold events outside of London. Whilst we would love to, often the logistical constraints mean that mainly holding our in person events in Oxford and London will most likely remain the norm, unless volunteers from the community can make this a reality. As ever, if you are reading this and thinking, ‘I would like to be involved’ or ‘I can make that happen’; please drop us an email to discuss at Additionally, we have a current topic for discussion which relates to mentoring, so please do link in with us on social media or send in a comment about what the SJCWN community and mentoring has meant to you.

It is only through engagement and our community taking the time to give us feedback that we can continue the SJCWN. We are very grateful to all those who responded, and all of those who have supported the network. We look forward to seeing you all at future events, in person or online.


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