The Crosswinds ensemble will perform a programme of woodwind music, showcasing the huge range of the repertoire.
  • Date 25 October 2023 - 7.30 p.m.
  • Location Auditorium, Garden Quad, St John's College


The concert will feature Mozart's wind serenade in E flat major, an expressive and lyrical piece of classical music, followed by Bassango, a tango for bassoon and contrabassoon quartet, and Mendelssohn's Konzertstück for clarinet, basset horn and piano.

The finale is Gary Carpenter's Pantomime for thirteen winds, with jazz and Vaudeville inspiration, following the story of Aladdin and ending with a Waltz Finale 'Depravity'. For this complex piece the ensemble are delighted to be led by conductor Andre Chan.

The Crosswinds are a group of instrumentalists formed in 2021, bringing their love of chamber music to the community at neighbouring St Cross College. The ensemble features St John's Supernumerary Teaching Fellow Dr Nick Jones on bassoon with friends from across the University of Oxford and beyond.

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