In Trinity Term 2019 our Artist-in-Residence will be Anna Barham.
  • Date 1 May 2019 - 5.30 p.m.
  • Location The Barn, St John's College

Anna BarhamAnna’s work explores translation, authorship and subjectivity as distributed forms of agency. Her practice is centred on a use of language as raw material – moving it between different bodies, forms and technologies to create complex feedback loops between a subject and a system. Taking the resulting material as a kind of interface, she uses video, text, print, installation and live events, to set up elliptical relationships between human and non-human others, words, sounds and images, that consider the audience as further agents in the production and transformation of ‘sense’.

As part of her residency Anna is looking for participants for several live production reading groups she will run throughout the term, to generate multiple versions of texts using human vocalisation and speech2text software. The groups will be of around 10 people and will involve taking turns to read texts aloud. They'll last for about 60 minutes and no preparation is necessary.  For further details please go to

If you're interested in taking part please email

For more information on the Artist-in-Residence please go to the College webpage Art.