The University of Oxford has released its Annual Admissions Statistics Report, covering the period 2018–20.

At St John’s, we are committed to the University’s objective of attracting and admitting students from all backgrounds with outstanding potential and the ability to benefit from an Oxford education.

The data presented in the Annual Admissions Statistics Report suggests sustained progress towards our goal of further diversifying the Oxford University student body, as well as room for continued improvement through outreach initiatives. The disruption to education caused by the Coronavirus pandemic makes such initiatives particularly important.

In 2018–20, 62.6% of UK undergraduates admitted to St John’s came from state schools, up from 59.2% in 2017–19. 14.6% of UK students admitted to John’s came from the two most socio-economically disadvantaged groups (ACORN categories 4 and 5) and 14.3% came from the areas of the UK in which young people are least likely to progress to higher education (POLAR quintiles 1 and 2), an increase of 3% on the previous report. The progress being made is encouraging.

In 2019 and 2020, St John’s has been delighted to make a number of offers through the new Opportunity Oxford scheme, which bridges the gap between school and university by providing additional support to students from underrepresented backgrounds.

St John's Inspire Programme - CMYK.jpgAs well as supporting the central University’s access and outreach activities, St John’s is proud to run our own sustained-contact outreach programme, Inspire. This ranges from super-curricular clubs to raise aspirations for pre-GCSE pupils in schools in Ealing and Harrow, to online STEM and Arts & Humanities masterclasses for Year 12 students in our link regions in the South East, to a virtual magazine packed with educational articles and competitions reaching 982 pupils in Years 10 and 11. 

We are excited to continue this vital work and to continue to make St John’s a learning environment in which students from all backgrounds can flourish.