In Trinity Term we exhibited a selection of works created by St John's members who took part in the term's Life Drawing Classes.

We were thrilled to host a Bodies in Motion Exhibition to display some of the wonderful works that the participants at our life drawing classes created this past Trinity.

Snapshots of our Exhibition

For a quick video survey of the display follow this link

Viewers chat over tea while looking at works

This year our classes were led by the brilliant Lucy Stopford, BA Fine Art, RSA, CBPP (Contemporary British Portrait Painters) and former chair of the Oxford Art Society. She writes of her time at John's, "The life classes arranged by Olivia Holder this term have have been an absolute joy to instruct. In developing their observational skills in a few short weeks, the artists have shown not only a fluent ability but a confident individuality with their handling of the material which is impressive and inspiring. 

Lucien Freud said ‘ What do I ask of a painting? I ask it to astonish, seduce, disturb and convince’  Each drawing chosen here to share with you tonight demonstrates the artists’ ability to meet each of these demands and above all - they convince."

Life Drawing Classes

Our brilliant works were complemented by the display of equally brilliant art, Professor Hannah Skoda on the Harp. After surveying the drawings on display, many visitors took a seat to soak in the music. If you want to relive this moment and enjoy a few minutes of enjoying Professor Hannah Skoda's playing, use these links to sit back and soak up some lovely moments of music.

Video 1

Video 2