Professor Zoltán Molnár, Professor of Developmental Neuroscience and Tutorial Fellow at St John’s, is one of the key scientists behind a major new exhibition at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

Brain Diaries. Modern Neuroscience in Action charts the astonishing development of the human brain, from conception through childhood and adulthood to old age.

Zoltan MolnarProfessor Molnár studies the developing brain and, as he says in one of the videos in the exhibition, ‘Building the brain is a tricky business. Lots of things can go wrong. The developing brain is very vulnerable to environmental influences, such as nutrition, alcohol, or radiation, and the consequences remain with us for the rest of our lives.’ He is examining the steps by which the brain develops, in order to understand the causes of developmental disorders such as schizophrenia, autism, ADHD and dyslexia, and so find more effective treatments for these conditions.

Over 50 neuroscientists based in the University of Oxford’s science area and at the hospitals have contributed to the development of this dynamic exhibition and the full programme of events that accompanies it.

Brain Diaries remains on show until 1 January 2018.

Brain Diaries exhibition 2017