On 5 July the College hosted a thank-you lunch for contributors to the UK Dyslexia Archive – a project at St John’s tracing the history of this learning difficulty.

For the project, which began officially last November, Maggie Snowling, William Whyte, Kate Nation and Philip Kirby have been uncovering dyslexia’s past, supported by Steve Chinn, Denise Cripps and Robert Evans. This has included interviews with key figures in dyslexia research, teaching and advocacy – many of whom began their work in the 1960s and 1970s, when dyslexia was barely recognised.

Earlier this month, it was the team’s great pleasure to invite these pioneers to the College for a workshop on the project, followed by a lunch to say thank you for all their efforts – both with the Archive, and with helping people with dyslexia across their careers.

The day also saw the launch of the project’s new website, where the interviews with these pioneers are beginning to be uploaded. As the project progresses, this is where publications and other writings about the history of dyslexia will appear.

The Archive is expanding quickly, and the project is currently advertising for a new Research Assistant to help with collecting, cataloguing and analysing all the materials being put together. If you are interested in applying, more details can be found here.

Thanks again to all the contributors who made the occasion on 5 July such an enjoyable one.

Dyslexia history project lunch July 17