We are excited to launch the Year 11 Inspire Programme for 2019-20!

Inspire Y11 2019This online engagement programme, open to all Year 11 pupils from non-selective state schools, features a series of e-newsletters consisting of articles written by Oxford researchers and academics, supplemented by interview-style questions, games, puzzles, polls and competitions. These e-newsletters are meant to supplement pupils’ GCSE preparation by allowing them to engage with a variety of subjects critically and creatively.

This year’s topic is: “What is the power of a volcano?” Each issue of the e-newsletter will examine this question from the perspective of a different set of academic subjects, with a few short articles and several interactive elements such as puzzles, games or short writing questions, for which winning entries will receive Amazon vouchers. Issues will also include reading recommendations and resources for studying for GCSEs.

The programme is free and all registered pupils will be invited to apply for a place on our Year 11 Summer School taking place in 2020. Full details for the programme, including a schedule of issue release dates, can also be found on our website.

Pupils can sign up for the programme here—just be sure to have your parent fill out their consent form as well! The deadline to sign up is Friday 22 November 2019.