Hall was transformed on 16th February in a celebration of the St John's international community

St John’s held its first International Formal Hall in 2017, and it has since become a much-anticipated tradition in our college calendar as we gather to celebrate the cuisine of a different country.

273637799_348345727001199_1069822876690004916_n.jpgThe starter was a semolina dumpling soup or noodle soup, followed by either a traditional Austrian pork roast or spinach dumplings. For dessert, guests were treated to Kaiserschmarrn, or ‘Emperor’s Mess’, a sweetened pancake which takes its name from Austrian emperor Franz Joseph I, who was particularly fond of the dessert. Vegan attendees instead had Palatschinken with Apfelkompott, Austrian pancakes with apple compote.

The dinner was organised by the JCR International Representatives, Hazal Bulut and Catherine Pile, in collaboration with Austrian JCR members Hannah and Lola who helped to create the menu.

Hazal and Catherine said, “It was really fun working with Hannah and Lola to create a menu that captured their relationship to Austria. Hearing their stories was very heart-warming and touching, and I think it’s the sort of thing a lot of international students like us can relate with”.

Thank you to everyone involved in making this evening such a success – we’re already looking forward to the next one!