Ivan Jim Paul awarded distinction in National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition 2021

Date 26 July 2021

Congratulations to Ivan Jim Paul, who this week was included in the best 10 of the National Undergraduate Neuroanatomy Competition 2021 and awarded a distinction.

Ivan Jim PaulThe NUNC is an annual competition open to all medical students in the UK and Ireland. It first started in 2013, and has since run annually at the University of Southampton, although this year it took place virtually. It now attracts over 150 students. The competition has 3 main components: a neuroanatomy spotter examination, a clinically-orientated multiple-choice examination and series of talks from on aspects of neuroscience. Although this year the event went fully digital, the format remained the same, with exams taking place via an online portal and talks happening over Zoom.

Ivan Jim Paul practising for NUNC 2021In preparation for the event Ivan was supported by his tutor, Professor Zoltan Molnar, Tutorial Fellow at St John’s and the organiser of the Neuroanatomy Practicals for 2nd year medical students at Oxford. The team were also delighted to have the support of Oliver Bredemeyer, a runner up in last year’s competition, who was kind enough to share his experience of the NUNC 2020 to help the team prepare for this year’s competition.

Professor Zoltan Molnar said: “The National Undergraduate Competition is an excellent event where students can gain additional experience in neuro imaging, histology, clinical case histories and gross anatomy.  Participation is voluntary. I am delighted to see how well Ivan and other Oxford students performed and was particularly pleased to see that Oliver Bredemeyer, last year’s runner up from St John’s College helped the preparations showing great leadership.  We shall build on this success and continue to nurture a supportive and interactive medical student community at Oxford.”

Please join us in congratulating Ivan on his impressive achievement!