On 22 November St John’s alumni gathered at the Punch Tavern on Fleet Street for our first Thirsty Tuesday event.

Sheltering from a rather cold and autumnal evening, we welcomed alumni from across London for a friendly drink and a catch up.  While some joined us as groups of friends from the same matriculation year, others were drawn by the opportunity to meet new people, all of us united by the common experience of having been to St John’s.  We passed a highly genial evening, swapping stories about our time at College, and learning about each other’s experiences since we passed back through the doors of the Sheldonian and entered ‘the real world’ post-St John’s.  

This was also a really great chance for the Development and Alumni Relations team to meet some of our Alumni, and we are really grateful to those who came for giving us this opportunity.  We hope that this will be the first of many such events, and that we will meet many more of you on similar occasions in the future.  

Our next Thirsty Tuesday event will be held in Oxford on 13 December. Let us know if you are interested in attending here

Thirsty Tuesday Photo

Laura Poots (2002), Simon Banfield (2002), Pratik Shah (1992), and Helen McCombie (Alumni and Benefactors Relations Officer, and 2012)