President included in British Academy response to COVID-19 pandemic

Date 22 April 2020

The President of St John's, Professor Maggie Snowling CBE, is one of nine Fellows of the British Academy who provided a response to the unprecedented current situation.

Maggie_November 2018Given the extraordinary impact of the coronavirus on all of our lives, the British Academy asked nine of its Fellows, working in the humanities and social sciences, to consider the long-term impacts of the pandemic from the perspective of their subjects. 

Alongside responses in areas including politics, international relations and philosophy, Professor Snowling has provided an insight into the ways in which the COVID-19 crisis may impact on educational attainment, with a particular focus on the current need for homeschooling and the way in which this may not affect all pupils equally. 

" There will be lessons for education resulting from the experience of the lockdown. We must build on this learning to develop interventions that close social differences in educational attainment, as these have most likely deepened " Professor Maggie Snowling CBE, President