Professor Zoltán Molnár features in 'How the NHS Changed our World'

Date 29 June 2018

Professor Zoltán Molnár, Tutorial Fellow in Human Anatomy, features in a new BBC series which celebrates 70 years of the NHS

The programme explores the 300-year-old ties between the University of Oxford and the John Radcliffe hospital and Oxford’s role as a centre for studying the science of the brain.

Professor Molnár discusses the research undertaken by Sir Charles Scott Sherrington, during his time in the Laboratory of Physiology. In the interview, Zoltán sheds light on how Sherrington and his colleagues would shed their skin for the sake of scientific research. Sherrington's notes reveal how popular self-experimentation was in those days. 

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 Professor Zoltan Molnar with Dr Aarti Jagannath from the University’s neuroscience department

Professor Zoltán Molnár with Dr Aarti Jagannath